King Power Corporation is dedicated to changing the way the world is powered. We believe our technology will change the way energy is produced, allocated, and distributed.

Through our research, we have developed a method of producing synthetic natural gas (aka methane). Our product allows for a carbon neutral fuel to be produced in a controlled industrial process. The possibilities are endless.


Our process works by using a proprietary method of electrolysis that dissociates water into its elemental components: hydrogen and oxygen. Our high grade oxygen is sold for industrial applications, and the hydrogen is taken to the next step of the production process.

The next step of the production process fuses hydrogen and carbon dioxide in a proprietary reactor. The resulting reaction produces the same natural gas that now heats our homes.

When the methane is subsequently used as fuel, it results in carbon dioxide and water. No particulate matter or harmful gases are produced.

Synthetic Natural Gas is the next transportation fuel. With King Power's Technology, liquefied natural gas can be quickly integrated into existing infrastructure.

King Power Corporation is working towards a cleaner tomorrow. Our continued research and development will continue to produce new and innovative technologies that will change how our world is fueled.